One fruit... one oil.

Artisan oil maker Jean-Marc Montegottero, with the help of an entire team, keeps the practice of making virgin oils from 100% fruit alive.

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One fruit... one oil.

Find out about the Huilerie Beaujolaise and our expertise.

Our history

In 1981, Nedda and Dario Montegottero bought an old ironmongery...

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Our expertise

Our expertise involves optimising traditional production methods...

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Provider to Michelin star chefs

Jean-Marc Montegottero successfully won over big names in gastronomy...

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A philosophy

To offer an exceptional, authentic and healthy product that has been made using only the best artisanal methods.

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A team that’s here to help

Bringing together various skillsets...

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Our history

An oil mill at the heart of Beaujolais

One mill

In 1981, Nedda and Dario Montegottero, Jean-Marc’s parents, bought an old ironmongery. In the back room, they found an oil mill dating back to the 19th century that had not been used for seven years. Aged 18, after studying to be an agricultural technician, Jean-Marc decided to bring the workshop back to life. It was time to make the dream a reality. Dario, who was a mechanic by trade, began renovating the equipment and the building. Next came the matter of learning the trade: Jean-Marc called on the services of Gustave Pascal, an oil producer from Isère, to show him the ropes.


In January 1982, Jean-Marc set up a local seasonal business that revolved around made-to-order sales: i.e. locals from Beaujolais would bring their fruit to the mill and leave with oil.

Setting the wheels in motion

In October 1987, the trade became a permanent fixture and they began selling to the first French chefs. It would take five years of work and perseverance for the quality of these virgin oils to be recognised. In fact, around this time, France was much more interested in industrial agriculture and finding the cheapest cooking oil. Therefore, the Huilerie Beaujolaise turned its sights to Germany, which had a greater interest in natural virgin oils.

A philosophy

To offer an exceptional, authentic and healthy product that has been made using only the best artisanal methods.

Sharing flavours from across the globe

On his travels, Jean-Marc loves discovering and tasting Mediterranean flavours so he can share them with us. That is how he was able to choose the highest quality raw ingredients; fine products that became part of the wide range on offer in our shop.

Tradition and modernity

Nowadays, Jean-Marc Montegottero strives to combine tradition with modernity. The Huilerie Beaujolaise is constantly adapting and pulls out all the stops to meet the needs of its customers, while still keeping up with the latest trends and offering custom services.

Our expertise

Our expertise involves optimising traditional production methods while still maintaining their artisanal elements.

It’s a method passed down through the generations: one fruit, one oil.

The Huilerie Beaujolaise produces completely natural virgin oils, each made using only one type of fruit. No mixing, nothing added, no preservatives, no chemicals: one fruit, one oil.


Our raw ingredients go through a rigorous selection process: dry fruit or oilseeds.


Mechanical grinding using a stone grinder or crusher.


Light, delicate heating to extract the flavours from the fruit.


Mechanical extraction using a hydraulic press (slow pressure for 3-5 hours).


Natural decanting for 3-4 days


The oil is filtered through blotting paper before it is bottled and labelled.

Once the oil has been extracted, the oilcakes* (which until recently were only used to feed livestock or used as fishing bait) need to be put to good use. These dehydrated oils, which are ground in a stone grinder and then sieved, can be used in many different ways.

*Oilcakes are the solid product produced once the oil has been extracted from the seeds or oleaginous fruit.

In cooking, they are used for to make pasta, breadcrumbs, crumb coatings for meat or as a spice; for binding in charcuterie; and in baking for special types of breads.

One of their many uses in bakeries is in 100% fruit macaroon recipes, specially produced using hazelnut, pistachio, pecan, walnut or pine nut powder...

A team that’s here to help

One team

Bringing together various skillsets, our team has one aim: customer satisfaction.

  • Jean-Marc


  • Olivier

    Production manager

  • Laurence


  • Fabien

    Production and packaging

  • Emel


  • Romain

    Production and packaging

  • Grégory

    Production and packaging

  • Romain

    Packaging and delivery manager

  • Alexandre

    Here to help in the shop

  • Pierre

    Communication supervisor and export assistant

Provider to Michelin star chefs

Michelin star chefs

The Huilerie Beaujolaise successfully won over big names in gastronomy.

The world of gastronomy

Ever since, Jean-Marc Montegottero has known just how to win over big names in gastronomy. Famous faces in the sphere of French and international cuisine, from the Relais Château, now use his oils and vinegars.


Chefs are our greatest ambassadors and they helped make it possible for Jean-Marc to export his virgin oils throughout the world, in Germany, UK, Belgium, South Korea, Spain, Estonia, USA, Holland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Canada, Switzerland.

Custom products

The Huilerie Beaujolaise also offers professionals exclusive, made-to-measure, custom products.